The History of the Delco-Remy Divsion of General Motors
A.K.A. "The Remy Brothers" or "The Remy Electric Company"

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Delco-Remy at the Normandy Invasion, June 6, 1944   World War Two Products and Product Applications    The Army-Navy "E" Award   Our War Job   Delco-Remy World War Two Documents


 Remy Service Parts Catalog - 1925   Klaxon Horns - 1933   12-Volt Electrical Equipment for Passenger Cars -1952    "IT'S EASY TO BE AN EXPERT"... Battery man, that is - 1959   Introducing the Delcotron Generator and New Charging System - 1962     United Services Catalog100 - Remy

Service Manuals

Over the years Delco-Remy produced much in the way of Service Manuals for auto mechanics (Now known as technicians in today's world.) on how to repair and maintain DR electrical parts.




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